Why Should You Rent A Food Truck?

Why Should You Rent A Food Truck?

Over the years, the food industry has always been dynamic with new ideas cropping up everywhere in a bid to keep ahead of competition. In the past few years there has been a trend in outside catering and many restaurants now have an outside catering wing ready to move and cater at any time. As a restaurant owner, the need to keep overheads low is a priority in order to maximize profits.

On the other hand, truck manufacturers have brought a god send idea that has come to keep the catering business a step ahead of customer requirements. The introduction of food trucks has changed the face of catering and many restaurants are moving in to catch up with speed. However, it is not every restaurant owner that has deep pockets to buy a food truck. Renting a food truck from the various truck renting companies can save your face when you need to make that big lifetime decision. But why should you rent a food truck? Here are some of the answers to this business question.

Investment costs

For every businessman, cost is always number one because it determines the profit levels and the investment options that can be spread to other more deserving areas. Considering there is an option to rent, why buy when the renting can speed up the business and at the same time save money? Renting also spreads the risk for new starters who are not sure of the business continuity. The investment costs saved up can enable the new business owner expand the business in other areas.

Apart from purchasing the truck, there are also licensing fees associated with the food truck such as food handler certifications, health certification, fire certification and business licenses. Renting enables the new business owner bypass all these licensing costs that are a big turn off for many new businessmen. Apart from the licensing, there are costs associated with leasing where the restaurant owner operates exclusively from the food truck. In many instances, leasing companies will require you to put up some huge amounts to secure space which in addition requires extra licensing fees.

Maintenance costs

When a truck owner gets a call from the drive, there is always a sense of fear that the truck has broken this or that and it is stalled. There is also the regular maintenance costs associated with the normal wear and tear. All these are costs that are easily bypassed by the renting restaurant and passed to the truck company. This is a plus in saving running costs.

Business image


Image is everything for a business because image is the brand that sells not the owner or the staff. After renting the truck, the restaurant owner will be able to move giving flexibility of locations. Moving to various locations increases the chances to attend to big numbers which interprets to huge revenues. In addition to moving with the masses, a food truck restaurant can be stationed in one specific location that clients will be able to identify with. This is ideal for new beginners without huge investments to rent several trucks at a go.

Marketing tool

Image also touches on the truck working as a marketing tool for the restaurant owner. In marketing terms, the truck also dubs as a moving billboard that can have a big marketing impact as compared to a building location. Considering the moving nature of the truck and the ability to attend various occasions, people can easily identify with the restaurant which creates goodwill.


Apart from exercising flexibility in investments, the restaurant owner has the chance to change test various marketing strategies and determine what works best for him. Flexibility includes change of menu depending on the location of the food truck and what moves fast in those locations. If one concept fails to work out in one area, some changes here and there in the menu can work wonders. In addition to the changes in the menu, flexibility also includes change of location as mentioned above. Where there is a huge movement of people, the food truck can move with such movements.


With time, people who can identify with the truck will monitor its movements especially if there is a scheduled movement timetable. If the food truck is an extension of a restaurant, the occupancy rates go up because it has the capacity to serve its own menus while at the same time have people identify it with the restaurant.

The above shows that for any start ups and even those already in business, there are many reasons to rent a food truck as compared to buying one. In addition, it is a good marketing tool and can serve as a trial tool in new areas. There are field truck renting companies that have a lot of advice on the dynamics and will have many options depending on your requirements.

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