What To Know About Starting a Food Truck In NYC

What To Know About Starting a Food Truck In NYC

New York City
New York City has some of the best food trucks in the country and have customers that are lined up for their products. There are so many people on the streets of NYC daily that the business never really slows down as long as you offer quality product. There are things you need to know about renting a food truck in NYC whether for business or for marketing purposes.

#1 Licensing – You must start with getting your licenses together. Lucky for you if you come through Specialty Truck Rental to rent your food truck in NYC we can help you get all of the needed licenses and permits right away. Food trucks in NYC need a decal on the truck that shows they are permitted by the city called a Mobile Food Vending Unit Permit.

The downside to this is you may have to wait on a waiting list. Once you are called on the waiting list by the Department of Health you may file an application for your permit at the Department of Consumer Affairs. If you are sponsoring an event using your food truck, you can apply for a temporary permit. Here is more information on that: http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/downloads/pdf/rii/temp-vendors.pdf

#2 Rules – There are certain rules that NYC puts on Food Truck owners/renters such as if you are parked in one area for more than an hour, the food truck must be within 200 feet of a bathroom. It sounds crazy, but it’s the rules. Here is a link to more requirements for NYC food trucks.

#3 Placement – Placement in NYC for your food truck is going to be a big deal. If you are a food truck business you want to have a hot spot where many people are passing by and can try out your food. This can be a competitive market. Finding your placement ideas and setting times for each placement will be something you want to canvas while making your decisions on renting a food truck in NYC.

Don’t let these steps hold you back from renting a food truck in NYC.

These are common requirements in many states/cities for food trucks whether you are working on your own business or renting a food truck for an event. Whatever your needs are, we at Specialty Truck Rentals are here to help you achieve your goals and get you through the process of obtaining the necessary permits and keeping you informed of rules/regulations in your area.

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