What Makes An Ideal Ice Cream Truck Freezer?

What Makes An Ideal Ice Cream Truck Freezer?

All customers like to have the kind of ice cream that leaves them wondering what you do to offer delicious ice creams. Although you may make the best ice cream, it will not make much of a difference without proper storage. Therefore, you need to consider the type of storage for your ice cream, as much you consider the ice cream ingredients that make them one of a kind. Good ice cream can be served in a bad condition if your storage condition is poor.

Generally, three types of freezers that you can use exist. They include the cold-plate freezer, dry-ice freezer and chest-freezer. On average, a good number of people prefer to work with the cold-plate freezer in their ice cream track. All these freezers have their own pros and cons as you are about to see when looking for the option.

The dry-ice freezer

The solid form of carbon dioxide gas is referred to as dry ice. Unlike regular ice, it has the ability to get very colder. It can cool down to as low as 100 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. This property makes them stay cold for an entire day. Dry-ice freezers are insulated containers that are filled with dry ice to produce a cooling effect. Mostly, when you are low on startup money, you can use dry-ice freezers for your ice cream truck rental.

Dry-ice freezers only cost you a few hundred dollars to get up and running eliminating the need to worry about cost. The only thing that you may have to do on a daily basis is buy dry ice. If you have a refrigerator at home, you can save yourself the buying cost by using a second freezer at home. Keep in mind that dry ice can be harmful to your hands and the ice creams if you are not careful enough when handling it. Damages from dry ice include getting a bunch of burnt ice creams whenever your check your inventory.

The chest-freezer


This type of ice cream truck freezer looks exactly like what you would have to use for a dry-ice freezer. The only different is that with a chest-freezer, you have to plug it into an outlet to keep the ice cream cold. Unplugging the chest-freezer will melt all the ice cream. Therefore, it has to be constantly plugged to an outlet. You can technically plug it at home just like a cold-plate freezer. To supply power to the chest-freezer in your ice cream truck, you can use a generator or two large batteries. It will cost you a few dollars to have the set-up in your ice cream truck.

The other option of power supply is tapping into your ice cream truck engine. Although it is an effective way of keeping ice cream cold, you need to be careful when opening the freezer door. Opening the entire freezer door increases chances of high melting-rate for your ice creams. Cold-plate freezers solve this problem for you by having multiple doors. You can also get power for the chest-freezer by tapping into the engine’s power. However, since this method requires an in-depth mechanical understanding, you will need to do it carefully to ensure that you do not drain your starter battery. This will save you the trouble of having to tow your ice cream truck at the end of the day.

The cold-plate freezer

The reason why so many people like the cold-chest freezers is because of their simplicity and ease of use. They are one of the factors that most professionals consider to offer the best and quality ice creams to customers. The only setback is that they come with a big upfront investment that many people may hardly afford especially when they are making an entry into the ice cream truck business. The option of getting a cold-plate freezer for your ice cream is actually renting an ice cream truck because most of them come with one.

Therefore, you can rent for a certain period while saving money to buy one for yourself. With a cold-plate freezer, all you need to do is plug them at night and they will offer cool ice cream temperatures for an entire day. This means that during the day there will be nothing to worry about as they do not rely on power or recharge. Moreover, cold-plate freezers come with overbuilt additional insulators and a unique design that enables them to put up with bumps and roughness from the roads. One of the setbacks that you may have to deal with is fixing them when they break up. So be careful when you use a cold-plate freezer to avoid unwanted damages that are costly to fix.

You can use these three types of freezers in an ice cream truck depending on your current budget. The first option makes it easy for you to keep your ice cream in the best condition when on a start-up cash. As time goes by and the ice cream business gives you much profit, you can graduate to a chest-freezer. Chest-freezers will require a generator or large battery for power supply. The most effective option requires you to have enough cash in your pocket. With enough money, you can have cold-freezers, which are the ideal solution for ice cream truck business.

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