Exploring Your Options For Box Truck Advertising

Exploring Your Options For Box Truck Advertising

Box trucks are used by businesses today for various reasons ranging from hauling, contractor work, moving, storage and delivery. Purchasing them to use for any of the above purposes is a good investment for your business as they will help serve your clients more efficiently.

However, they are not exactly capable of talking and cannot announce what your brand is all about with a microphone. It’s therefore important to implement box truck advertising. Truck wraps and graphics on box trucks will get people to notice your brand. It’s also a cost effective medium of mobile advertising than other options.

When it comes to box truck advertising, there are various options you can use. These include temporary banner ads, vinyl lettering, and vehicle wraps and graphics. Here is a look at what each of these options has to offer.


Vinyl lettering

For a business that has an extensive fleet of box trucks, this option is not recommended. Not to say that it’s not a good choice. But looking at the cost implications, there’s a lot that you stand to risk. For starters, the best way to save on vinyl lettering is to use a single color, which could make the whole design boring. Worse, you only get one chance to get the lettering right. Otherwise, you may find yourself back at the drawing board. This is despite the fact that vinyl lettering has evolved from hand painting them on vehicles to more efficient ways of drawing.

As the colors on the lettering increase, so does the cost. And if you do not have a professional installer taking care of it, you may end up with a poor design. Vinyl lettering may be durable and provide visual impact, but if you are looking for an option that will allow a colorful design as well as incorporate your logo and graphics, then this is not the option for you. With a small fleet and a design that is not so colorful, vinyl lettering might just work.

Box truck wraps

Box truck wraps are a great way to take advantage of the outer space of the cargo area. Basically, a truck wrap is a high, quality printed sticker that’s made of vinyl material and is shrink wrapped on the truck’s smooth surface. They provide an opportunity to use your fleet of trucks for promotions of any kind by incorporating designs with graphics, your logo, service information and much more.

Truck wraps can be categorized into temporary and long-term wraps. The type wrap used determines the material used to make the truck wrap. Temporary box truck wraps are ideal for short-term campaigns as they can be used and removed with minimal damage to the body of the truck. They can be used for as long as a few months or a year. Given their nature, temporary wraps can also be used on rental glass box trucks.

Long term wraps are made to last several years, usually 7 years. They require commitment, and are ideal for businesses looking to increase their brand visibility and visibility.

Truck wraps come in varied sizes and complexities. You can find full covering or partial wraps, with simple to complicated design. Depending on the size of the wrap, the extent to which graphics can be used will vary. Partial wraps are great if you have a minimal design or simply want to save on the cost of advertising.

The most essential aspect for wraps is design. Whether or not it will be a long term commitment for you, you should work with a designer to come up with a design concept that will effectively represent your company’s brand.

Temporary banner ads

Some advertising companies will give the option of using temporary banner ads that are installed on the side or back of your trucks. Should you accept, you are paid a “rental” fee for the duration of time that these ads will stay on your trucks. While it may a good way to earn extra revenue, you can also take advantage of it by having them installed on other people’s trucks to increase the visibility of your brand. It is not however very effective, although it can save on advertising costs. You can also opt to forego the extra revenue and focus on growing your brand with temporary banner ads on your fleet of trucks.

When it comes to advertising your brand with glass box trucks, most of the above options offer an unlimited room to come up with eye catching design. And while you may not afford to buy a new truck, renting a glass truck is also an option. Don’t hesitate to mix up the different options like vinyl lettering and truck wraps. Remember, for your campaign to succeed, the design has to be good. Otherwise, this will be a wasted investment.

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