Design Tricks That Mobile Billboards Can Borrow From Website Design

Design Tricks That Mobile Billboards Can Borrow From Website Design

Let’s take a scenario where you are driving from work at 70mph and there are billboards here and there on both sides plastered with advertising posters. There are small, medium and big ones, all with some sort of message that they are trying to pass. The universal goal is to make a specific brand or company name stick in your mind. Or let’s say you bypass a mobile billboard somewhere along the way, with the same objectives any other billboards. But, really, what are the chances that you will remember the message passed by the billboards?

Whether or not a billboard manages to get the attention of target audience will depend on several factors. Those with tag lines that can be remembered easily and more fun tend to achieve better results. That said, the success of a mobile billboard will highly depend on its design. Here are some design tricks that mobile billboards can borrow from website design that will help to capture their audience’s attention.


Compelling headlines

Compelling headlines don’t just go for website content. Or newspapers either. Even with a good graphic design, there’s only so much that can be achieved without a good headline. It’s therefore vital that you go the mile further and create a catchy tag line for your mobile billboard. If you have ever come across a billboard that captured your attention, you know that it had a good tagline: one that was, short and straight to the point. And though your business logo may be enough to spark enough interest in people, do not underestimate the power of text on your billboard.

Eye-catching but tactful

Hundreds scratch that, thousands of billboards all over the world today capture people’s attention, but for all the wrong reasons. Reasons include bad design, poor graphics, heaps of flashing images and let’s not mention the weird color scheme. These just make the whole billboard messy, and the wrong message is therefore passed. An appealing billboard design should provide a balance between passing the intended message and capturing the attention of the target audience. Just remember, a good design is great for a billboard. But if it distracts others from the getting your message, then it’s of no use.

Creativity and uniqueness

An important aspect of billboard design is creativity and uniqueness. After all, who wants to be reminded of something they already know? Everyone wants to learn, if not discover, something they are not yet aware of. Turning an ordinary, boring and plain billboard by incorporating creative design is how you will beat your competitors. And with that combined with other aspects of design, there’s no telling how successful your campaign will be. Playful typography, customized graphic images and color schemes are some of the tools you can use to create a billboard that stands out from the others design-wise.

Powerfully branded

Though it has been partially discussed in previous points, powerful branding is also an important aspect of billboards to capture people’s attention. For instance, if you produce toothpaste, the purpose of investing in mobile billboard rentals may boost your sales volume. But how much will it contribute to the growth of your brand? After all, there are tons of toothpaste brands out there, so how will people remember one brand, which in this case happens to be yours? Building your brand with mobile billboards is a sure way to get your brand remembered for years.

Clarity and contrast

Good contrast is pivotal to any design, billboard or not. While subtle graphics and typefaces have a significant role in billboard design, strong contrast is the ultimate tool to help capture people’s attention as well as to remember your message for long. The contrast could make it easier to get your target audience know what you are offering. Clarity is also important if you want your billboard to be effective. Readers should be able to know from the onset what it is you are trying to offer. Otherwise, if they have to fish around to get this information, they will lose interest within a short time.

Clever and poignant

Billboards are not meant to be humorous, but passing information in a not so ordinary fashion gets better attentions. Consider websites where to entice consumers to buy a given product, say toothpaste, they don’t just say “Buy toothpaste.” They add something specific and direct that gets them to remember that brand. This same concept can be used in mobile billboard design. As the industry evolves, sticking to traditional design practices is just a waste of money, hence the need to incorporate clearness and poignancy.

Clean, simple and straight to the point

Simplicity in design does not mean that you have to compromise on creativity. But having pictures, text and graphics splattered all over the billboard will only motivate people to move on without taking time to grasp your message.

In an age where billboards are saturating the market, the need for effective design is increasingly necessary. Simple concepts of website design like the ones discussed will help to capture your target audience’s attention.

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