8 Steps To Follow If You Want To Start A Food Truck Business

8 Steps To Follow If You Want To Start A Food Truck Business

Food trucks are much loved by everyone these days and now it is the perfect time to open your own food truck business. You can rent an ice cream truck or rent a customized food truck to sell specialty desserts, different types of coffees and teas or just the most delicious hamburgers in the world. However, before you start, make sure that you take into account the following tips and tricks which explain you everything you need to know about this business:


Obtain a business license first

In most cases, you might need to obtain the permit on your own and this is not that easy sometimes. Obtaining the business license can take some time, but once you have done it, the permit will last for years. You need to know that once you have obtained the permit, you still should obey the parking regulations in that city and you might not be allowed to sell in certain public areas. On the other hand, when you rent a food truck, you might also get the permit at the same time.

Get a fully equipped food truck

Now that you have a business license, you also need to get a food truck. Obviously, you can buy a brand new one, but they can be quite expensive sometimes and not within everyone’s budget reach. On the other hand, renting a food truck is more affordable and convenient. Similarly, you might want to set your eyes upon a used food truck which is even less expensive. For example, a fully-equipped used food truck can cost the best part of $25,000 or even $30,000 depending on various factors. Before renting a truck, make sure that you assess your business and decide upon the exact size of the food truck you need.

Find your own personalized niche

To be successful in the food truck business, you need to be unique and stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved if you impress and attract your customers with different types of foods, beverages or other goods. For example, you can sell certain types of delicious sweets, get specialized in Italian cuisine or become the best at preparing shrimps. Once you have chosen your niche, you should stay with it and advertise your business accordingly.

Try to create a financing plan

It is a good idea to get all the financial help you can get from various sources. For example, you can obtain a loan from the bank if you have a good credit score or utilize different types of lending networks. Similarly, you might want to borrow from friends and family members to be able to afford a larger down payment. Do your math properly and you will ace the financing aspects of your food truck business.

Create a goal

Now that you have your business up and running, you need to take into account all the expenses and find out how much you need to sell every month to make profits. For example, you should account the cost of supplies, cleaning equipments, personnel salaries, ingredients, and other fees. Make a business plan and do your best to reach your goal every month to make profits.

Make sure that you get insured

Getting insured is also important when it comes to a food truck business. First of all, this will give you more credibility and more peace of mind in the future. You might need to speak with a professional insurance agent to find out all the details related to insuring your mobile business. Some factors can drastically influence your coverage such as having a large pizza oven in your food truck.

Expand your business

You can grow quickly if you become intuitive and take advantage of all the opportunities you can have. For example, many food truck owners also provide catering for certain special events or corporate functions. This will make your business more profitable and more popular, so make sure that you establish connections with everyone in the food truck industry.

Use social media to advertise your business

When it comes to business advertisement, you simply cannot ignore the immense potential provided by social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. You should create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your business and get followers. When you are traveling around town, inform your clients of your whereabouts and you will instantly get tons of customers by just pressing a couple of buttons on your laptop. Also, interacting with your followers will give you more credibility and popularity.

Now, you definitely have a clear plan to follow and you can get started by renting the right food truck. We can help you with that as we have many ice cream trucks and food trucks available for rental at reasonable prices. Give us a call today, tell us more about your preferences, and we will gladly customize your food truck to represent your business in the best way possible!

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