7 Facts About Food Trucks You Deserve To Know

7 Facts About Food Trucks You Deserve To Know

A food truck business is a unique and brilliant one. It is so convenient to be able to move around town selling different types of foods to your customers. Also, if you spot that your business is not that successful in this city, you can simply move to the next one. If you are attracted about food trucks and everything related to them, here are several interesting facts that will make your day.


Food trucks can be used for charity purposes

Thanks to the fact that food trucks are basically mobile businesses, they can be anywhere they are needed and they are particularly useful when it comes to charity events. In fact, in many countries food trucks are used to deliver free hot lunches to people who have no home. Similarly, food trucks are very useful in the areas which have been stricken by a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane. They can offer hot food to people in charge of cleanup as well as those who suffered injuries.

Food trucks are actually as safe and clean as brick-and-mortar restaurants

Many people believe that food trucks are not particularly clean or safe, but this is just a myth. In recent years, strict safety and health regulations have been introduced which force food truck owners to clean up their establishment and provide foods prepared in hygienic conditions. In fact, in some states, recent studies show that food truck owners have less health and safety violations in comparison with brick-and-mortar restaurants. So, next time when you are tempted to eat a taco from a food truck, do it!

Food trucks are equipped with sophisticated GPS systems

These systems help track the food trucks in a particular city. All food trucks are required to feature GPS systems these days because there is a law which prohibits them to sell foods to customers if they are within 200 feet distance or lower from a restaurant. To make sure that this rule is followed, all food trucks have GPS systems and they are monitored 24/7.
However, in some cities, food trucks have very severe restrictions. For example, El Paso used to prohibit food trucks from selling within a distance of 1,000 feet from a restaurant, convenience store or grocery store. Obviously, a lawsuit was filled and the ban has been lifted. These restrictions are applied to protect restaurants and convenience stores from competition.

Food trucks have become a billion-dollar industry these days

Well, we are not joking. Recent studies performed by IBISWorld show that today’s food trucks bring approximately 1 billion dollars in revenue in all states of America. It is also estimated that until 2017, the food truck industry will reach approximately 3 billion dollars in revenue. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a food truck business, now it is the best time.

Food trucks offer unique types of foods and beverages to customers

Thanks to the fact that food truck businesses are much cheaper to open and run in comparison with regular restaurants, the owners are capable of experimenting with the menu list according to their own wishes and preferences. Customers will actually benefit from this because they get a large assortment of foods to choose from when they are hungry, including reindeer sausages sold in Portland. In fact, if you are really good at making ice cream, for example, you should seriously consider renting an ice cream truck and start your own business. Ice cream truck rental is more affordable these days in comparison with the past years and you can get started very quickly.

It is trending to sell clothes to customers these days, not only foods

The food truck industry is growing rapidly and now it has a smaller sister: fashion trucks. Although it is not very popular nowadays, this business is increasing drastically as it attracts more and more customers. Fashion trucks are just like food trucks, only that they sell clothes and apparel instead of tacos and sandwiches. Many people like this idea already and it is expected that the number of rolling retailers to double by the end of the year.

Los Angeles only features 6000 food trucks

Although Los Angeles currently has a population of approximately 13 million people and it is a great market for food trucks, only 6000 food trucks are estimated to be serving the area. This actually means that if you want to operate in Los Angeles, or specially in Santa Monica, you still have chance to snap up a big share in the food truck industry.

Oh by the way, do you know that in Santa Monica, the city officials have passed a permit to allow food trucks to form mobile courts and park on private property? It is a fact that they are very popular and appreciated by the large public. Therefore, if you are thinking of renting a food truck, make sure that you check us out and we can get you started without much hassle!

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