6 Myths About Food Trucks Which Need To Be Debunked

6 Myths About Food Trucks Which Need To Be Debunked

Many people decide to rent a truck and start a small business instead of opening a restaurant because it is cheaper and more convenient. However, with the passing of time, a lot of myths and misconceptions have appeared related to this type of business. If you are thinking of renting a food truck and start your own business, you should know which myths are false, so you will have a better understanding about this subject. Let’s debunk a couple of food truck myths in this post.

Food Truck

Food trucks can be parked anywhere in the city

This is not true. Just like other vehicles in a particular city, food trucks must obey certain laws and regulations when it comes to parking. If a food truck parks in the wrong place, the owner might be fined by the police if he gets caught. In most cities of America, food trucks have limited parking abilities and they might even be able to park in a certain place for a short amount of time.

In some cases, you might not be allowed to park your food truck within a particular distance from a restaurant. Similarly, in certain cities you need to park your food truck within 200 feet from a restroom if the truck will be stationary for more than an hour.

It is easier to run a food truck business than owning a restaurant

Unfortunately, this is not true either, although this shouldn’t discourage you from starting your own food truck business. You might need to keep in mind that even if the food truck is quite large, its actual “kitchen” is much smaller compared to the kitchen in a restaurant. Therefore, your personnel might need to get used to prepare foods in a smaller cooking area.

Similarly, some food trucks might break down sometimes and this might happen during lunch times. In this case, the profits of the business might be affected. Still, if you take good care of your truck, this might never happen to you.

Food truck owners can get rich very quickly

This is not true either, otherwise we would all quit our jobs and start a food truck business. You need to keep in mind food truck owners need to undertake certain expenses related to their business. For example, you might need to obtain a special permit to be allowed to sell your foods. You might also spend some money in the long run on food truck repairs.
Similarly, you need to advertise your business and this might also cost you a decent fee. Lastly, the food, supplies, and equipments you procure for your food truck business won’t come for free. When you take all these into account, you will soon realize that this business is not easy to run, but it is very interesting and profitable if you know the right tricks.

Food truck owners don’t have to work that much

This is another misconception related to food truck businesses. The truth is that the owners of food trucks work as much as other people to keep their business alive. For example, they have to spend time to shop for supplies, prepare meals for lunch hour, do cleanups, prepare meals for dinner time, do the cleanup again, make preparations for the next day of work, and so on. As you can probably imagine, food truck owners have little to no time to spend changing their statuses or going out for a smoke.

You don’t have to follow the law if you are a food truck owner

Every business must obey certain laws. If you are a food truck owner, you need to obtain a business license to operate legally. If you tend to travel a lot and sell your foods to people in various cities, you might need to obtain multiple business licenses. Also, you need to know that food trucks need to obey the same food safety regulations as restaurants do. In other words, your food truck will be inspected by a professional to make sure that you meet the required safety and health regulations.

There are no running costs for food truck owners

Not true. Food truck owners, just like restaurant owners, need to pay certain running fees. For example, food trucks are after all mobile vehicles so paying for gas is necessary in the long run. Owners of food trucks might also need to pay for taxes and other relevant fees.

Although running a food truck business can be challenging sometimes, it is much more convenient and cheaper than opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Therefore, if you are already looking for food trucks for rent, make sure that you take a look at our website and give us a call. We have many food trucks available for rent and we will go the extra mile to customize your truck accordingly.

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